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Pantyhose comeback

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Leave the aquarium at home

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Aquarium color scheme

The history of coco chanel fashion

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Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel (19 August 1883 – 10 January 1971)

Coco Chanel

Glamour+ style+ class =Coco Chanel

This is the true equation of fashion. Chanel is a major name in the fashion world.  When you think of glamour, style class and ultimate beauty the name Coco Chanel stands out.  Coco Chanel is a woman designer who was born in France.  She is the epitome of high class fashion with tasteful styles and design.  Coco Chanel is the founder of the now famous fashion line that pioneered on men’s wear for women style.  She introduced men’s design on women clothes and turned out to be a very acceptable evolution in the fashion industry.

Coco Chanel was born in Saumur France.  She belonged to a poor family with both illiterate parents. When she was growing up her mother died of tuberculosis and his father left the family.  Being in this most difficult situation Coco Chanel was brought to the orphanage and from here she was exposed to the trade of seamstress.  During her vacations she would go back to the province and spend a lot of time sewing with the rest of the family. This gave her a more extensive training on creating fashionable designs than the nuns in the monastery.  When she turned eighteen she decided to sing at a cabaret and from there, she got the name Coco.  She left the cabaret and married Captain Capel, they established their first shop and created clothes for the people of Deuville, after her failed marriage a lot of men were enticed by her natural beauty and charm, Capel died of a car accident that left Chanel very devastated.

Coco Chanel is a true icon in the fashion world.  Nobody could ever take over her throne.  She is a legend of high class fashion that has endured for a long time. From the seamless designs to avante garde and extravagant designs on gowns and accessories the double C design has definitely invaded the world. Chanel has been worn by big names in politics and entertainment. Names like Audrey Hepburn who is an icon herself, Catherine Hepburn, Jackie O, has worn a Chanel over the year. Every season fashion conscious people would always watch for the trend that Chanel may set. Chanel continues to create fashionable, clothes, shoes, accessories and a whole lot more.

What Is The history of Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton founder

Louis Vuitton (1821-1892), founder of the House of © LOUIS VUITTON.

One of the biggest names in haute couture will be Louis Vuitton.  Louis Vuitton creations are big today specially the bags, luggage, purses, and so much more.  Every single woman on earth would like to have an LV in her collection.  LV has been a big name since the time of our ancestors .  Louis Vuitton creations have always been the standard of high fashion since the 1850’s. The most popular design of Louis Vuitton will be the classic LV design that comes in brown with beige of burnt brown linings. Most fashion enthusiasts all over the world just love the works of Vuitton because of the original design that has invaded the world of fashion.  Every girl on earth surely has one piece of glamour from LV.  We keep on saying the name Louis Vuitton over and over but do we know the story behind this big name?

Louis Vuitton was born with the name Louis Vuitton Malletier in Jura France in 1821. When he was a young adult he moved in to France to do odd jobs barefoot, selling  to finance his travels.  He chanced upon working for royalties as a layetier to Empress Eugene de Montijo.  Working as a layetier gave him the opportunity to be exposed to high class leather case luggage and this inspired him to create his own line of luggage and travel bags in the 1850’s it was then that experience that inspired Vuitton to start his now big empire of LV Company.  Monsieur Vuitton started with lightweight canvas as the main material of the luggage.  Travelers loved the luggage because of its major versatility and style.  Travelers appreciated the waterproof and the box shaped luggage that made their journey worry free and much convenient.  Vuitton made use of the Trianon canvass which is very light, and practical to any type of traveler.

In the late 1860 Vuitton launched their line of luggage and bags in Paris during one of the international exhibitions.  They feared that the LV design might be copied and replicated so they created the brown and beige stripes design on the trianon cloth with the LV signed.  LV opened their first store in London, along Oxford Street.  During World War II, the family business was assigned to collaborate with the Nazis during the German invasion in France.  They actively participated to fund the government during that time.  Who would’ve known that Louis Vuitton was a part of world history?

Today the LV insignia that we see has evolved but the style and glamour of Louis Vuitton has remained the top in the industry.  Glamour style and haute’ couture has only two letters or every woman in the world and that would be nothing else but LV.  Having a Louis Vuitton is having a treasure for a lifetime.