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Stylish Long Hair : How To Style My Long Hair

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A lot of women wish to have that long shiny hair. Many women splurge so much money in the salon for hair treatments spending hundreds of dollars making the hair shiny, glossy and simply gorgeous. With the birth of Hair straightening, Hair re bond  and other hair treatments, more and more women today don’t mind spending a fortune to keep their mane in shape and glamorous. The treatment per session can cost $100-200 and this can lasts for about 2-3 hours in the salon. The treatment takes a while especially for the process of straightening to make the solutions work more effective. There are some girls who would like to have that instant glam but are not willing to undergo the long tedious hours of waiting in the salon for the treatment to get done. They just can’t spend much money as the others do. Women who would like to have that long sassy hair need not to worry, today 100% real hair is used as extension for those women who love to have that long lustrous hair but have no luxury of going to a salon and waiting for your hair to grow for months. Hair extensions are the best innovation in styling the hair and creating that instant pizazz that you need. There are clip in hair extensions that are clipped under layers of your hair to make it look very natural and make it look like it’s really part of your real hair.
Clip in hair extensions are very easy to use. First you create sections on your hair. Try to create segments that can be separated by a fine comb and parlor clips. Attach the clip on hair extensions at the base or the roots of your hair. Simply repeat the procedure once you have attached all clips. Make sure clips are hidden and covered by your natural hair. If you are not sure on how this process is done you can visit your favorite stylist and have her do this for you. Your hair extensions will definitely create a new look. Surprise your family and friends on this glamorous way of changing your hairstyle the easiest and economical way. Hair extensions have been used by several celebrities who have short tresses and needed that instant length. There is nothing to worry about not looking natural for 100% hair extensions are now made of human hair coming in different shades like, black, mahogany, copper, brunette and even blonde.

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Trendy Leggings: How To Wear Leggings as pants

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When you walk around the streets you feel like acting like a fashion police by giving comments to every person that passes by you. There are so many things to see that can be very interesting or really boring. You can be sitting and hanging out in your favorite café as you check out the girls that walk by. Looking glamorous may require much effort than any other task. For you to look good you need to know your body shape more than anything else. Knowing your body can help you choose the clothes that can look fabulous on you. Leggings are trendy nowadays. Leggings look very well with loose shirts like baby doll dresses or sun dresses. Leggings can flaunt your slim and sexy legs. Most ladies who want to look good without being caught by the fashion police want to know what’s best all the time. Leggings can be a little tricky if you have heavy legs. Leggings can emphasize the shape of the legs and you don’t want looking like a cramped sausage in a meat casing. Leggings are best worn with loose shirt or with plaid skirts. Leggings can be really fashionable and hot for the winter collection. Leggings can easily warm you up on a cold wintry day. Leggings really look fashionable with ballet flats or sandals. This pair of garment has the awesome slimming effect on your legs. Best leggings come in black and navy. The black and navy leggings give that slim and sleek look that can come close to the body. If you want the trendy type of leggings you can also opt for those gleam leggings that have floral, plaid and checkered prints. Leggings are all around town as winter kicks in this season.
Instead of that boring shirt and pants, why not have pair of leggings with your favorite top. Leggings are best for this season; you don’t need to worry about warming up for chilly night as you walk around the streets. Before you step out the house why not wear your favorite leggings under your trench coat or blouse.

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