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Which Eyelash Extensions Are The Best

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False eyelashes are very big nowadays. Girls would get their own set of falsies to add glamour and style to the way they look. This fashion accessory can be very crucial to apply. There are so many stories and incidents of poor quality that drops off easily from the roots of the eyelashes. Eyelash fall out can be a total disaster and there are many ways you need to keep in mind to avoid this fashion faux pas. Lashes are meant to tantalize the eyes and not make you look strange. There are lots of falsies to choose from, they come in different colors, designs and thickness. Even models swear by the new look that it can give them once they put the lashes on their eyes. Some may complain that they feel awkward and uncomfortable wearing tiny hair on their eyes especially those that come in studs and diamond encrusted versions. Which can be a little heavy and can give pressure to the lids. However, when wearing fake eyelashes the results are breath taking beautiful.

False eyelashes can be traced back during the sixties when women would wear them heavily that it overpowers and makes their eyes really look heavy. Modern lashes are lighter and more natural looking there are less chances of falling lashes compared to times in the past. Glues are more effective and non irritating. For women who have thin lashes you need not worry about the thick heavy mascara that stains and smudges. There are new, curly and fashionable lashes that can open up your eyes to its most glorious beauty. Open your bright eyes wide and let those lashes flutter in style. Eyes are the first things that people see on the face make it all worthwhile with your own choice of lashes. Falling falsies can be a total turn off, when applying lashes remember to check the quality of the glue and make sure to make tests or dry runs at home and choose the best brands that will adhere well. Push your sexy look and give way to eyelashes that are rich, thick and gorgeous.

Recommendation for False Eyelash Adhesive

Duo Glue from Sephora

Recommendation for False Eyelashes

What Looks Good With Black Clothes

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Many women nowadays dress up in black which gives that sophisticated look no matter how you wear it. Blackglamors can be worn on any occasion; this bold hue is a very workable color that can mix and match with other colors in your wardrobe.

When women are asked why they like wearing black most of the time they all say one reason and that would be because black gives them that instant slimming effect without the effort. Black is the color of most fashion trends no matter what season. No matter when, winter, fall or summer black will always be seen on FTV or fashion runways. Black was never absent. Besides the slimming effect that black can successfully do, the color gives that new look to any outfit. This dark color creates professionalism and formality to any wardrobe. It is noticeable that in the office where you work there could be lots of people who have black trench coats.

Black can just be worn with any outfit and fashion accessory. This hue can look absolutely great to any skin tone. Don’t ever think that black could be a very boring color. You can throw in a silk scarf on your black top and create a new look that can add glamour to your plain shirt. Fashion stylists would always give the advice of wearing black on most formal and occasions. If you seek fashion advice on what to wear on an evening party most fashion experts would say it’s black. Black can have any fashion accessory that can be a complimenting item to your new look. To put energy on any black outfit chunky jewelry is the way to go. Remember you have a plain outfit and you can splash it with colors. Chunky pieces of accessories can work as splashes of color to add life to your attire. Black shirt can really look classy on red floral printed skirt. This can create that glamorous feminine look. Black is just so versatile and practical to anyone who wants to standout and really look perfect.