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What Not To Wear With Blue Jeans

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don't wear a corset like that!

This is one fashion misdemeanor that deserves a lifetime imprisonment. Fashion police can easily spot a fashion fiasco by looking at the size and fit of a certain fashion item. The rule of thumb in any outfit is knowing your body more than anything else. Style and looks may follow but before you can go for looking glamorous, you should know your body well. This lady looks like she stole her baby sister’s corset from a prom in junior high or did she? White tops are always trendy any time of year but this itsy bitsy tiny time is so awkward to wear. She sure has a great body to flaunt but not with this tiny top gotten from nowhere. The black jacket dangling and tied around the hips made the situation worse. She could’ve worn the jacket as a great cover up to make a new look out of it. Wearing white can give that fresh feel. White can make you feel young. You can create a trendy style with your white top by mixing some cool stuff like vests, jackets, or some pieces of fashionable accessories. Next time you see a person wearing an awkwardly sized top, please ask them to change that ill fitting look to a top that is best for her body size. Trendy pieces can show of your great body and does not only make you look good, but more than ever can make you feel glamorous. In choosing the right tops, size does matter!

FashionPolice: Is Goth Still In Style

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black on black

If you like portraying gothic in your wardrobe and just cannot get away with black outfits, well it’s time to think again. Goth might have been cool for the past seasons but going gothic is not stylish for the entire year. Fashion police can call this a major sin, which is totally non-bail able. Black is a staple and one of the safest colors but what happened to this lady was a total mismatch of outfits. First was the layering. Layering on this picture was already a mess. It’s like piling up every black shirt in the closet. I can see a peeping collar under a long sleeved shirt and then on top of it would be the long sleeved shirt which is so tight on the arms, and for the last layer was the button down cardigan. This is totally awful. There is no direction and is simply a major crime. Never wear clothes that will just show your flaws she has a big tummy that was cinched by the cardigan’s button that made it show more. We all adore black and black is staple in anyone’s closet. To create a new look to this outfit there is no need to check on stylist she just needs to know her body and know her assets and problem areas. The next time she wears black she can have a more tapered jacket or a button down shirt.  As a fashion advice I must say, stay away from tight fitting tops that can show problem areas. She can exert some effort in experimenting on some fashionable accessories that can surely update the look. We all adore black as it instantly creates class and style. Wear black in a sensible and fashionable way.