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FASHION DO’S AND DON’TS – What Not To Wear Tips And Tricks

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Being trendy is for everyone whether you are fat or thin, tall or short, man or women, kids or adult. You need to look for styles that suits your age, your personality and your size to look good and fashionable. Looking good and fashionable does not have to be really expensive. You can always shop for affordable clothing that still has the glamour. All you need to know is what’s in and what’s out of fashion and start shopping.

Fashion Do’s


Springs nude trend light pinks, beige and caramel colors is in.


Double denims is in mainstream again just avoid the quadruple denim, that’s too much.

Minis and Maxis

Tube skirts in mini and maxi styles are going big this summer.


Sheer fabric is flimsy and semitransparent that is great for curtains but in the fashion world it is now becoming a trend. Just be careful though in showing too much skin when you are going to work. For fashion editorials, visible nips are okay.


This spring a display of flower prints from your hat to your sandals is in.


Yellow boots and working boots are making a comeback but colourful platforms and stacked heels are in the latest fashion trends. Mocassins are in for the 2011 Spring/ Summer edition and they will be hot!

Fashion Don’t’s


Scrunchies are never in and will never be.

Spaghetti Straps

This makes you look wide so leave it.

Tribal Tattoo

Never was and it will never be cool. You do not even know what that means.


This can be practical because it is less hampering than a shoulder bag or bags with handles but still this is a fashion no-no.

There may be different styles that you can choose from whenever you dress up. Whatever choices you make in choosing your clothes always keep in mind that you will feel more confident if you are dressed accordingly. Just simply remember to wear what suits you. The do’s and don’ts of fashion plays an important role in looking and feeling good. It boosts your confidence and leaves a positive impression to those you meet. You can check what the trend is through online or magazines. You may even check what the fashion icons are wearing on screen. It pays to know the fashion do’s and don’ts because the trend changes and you would not want to miss out the “in” thing.

Fashion forecast for kids of 2011

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Nowadays, not only are the Moms and Dads the only ones required to look good when stepping out of the house, wearing perfectly coordinated outfits, but the kids just as well. A lot of celebrity parents are photographed with their adorable kids, sometimes in matching outfits, and other times the toddlers completely stealing the show from the adults in their awesome and fashionable garbs. A trendy new fad of today is for parents and children to come up with the same look; a few commercial companies even stepped up their game by manufacturing baby products that can be utilized by both mother and child, and several high-end brands created unique designs purposely meant for kid couture.

For fashionable kids, with the aid of their parents, to better cope up with the interchanging styles of the ever shifting fashion world, several experts have given their accounts of what trendsetting gears and clothes-wear 2011 has in store. First on the list are jeggings. These are trendy leggings styled to seem like tight denim jeans which are today considered to be a must-have in kid couture, as it exudes a hip yet comfy quality flawlessly suited for youngsters. These come in varieties, just like adult jeans, but are more apt for kids and not for grown women; seeing as how taut their fabrics are, it may appear crude when worn by adult bodies, thereby, matching outfits are better left alone with this one. Owls were the trends for 2010, but at present, cute little birds printed on kids’ shirt, nurseries, stuffed animals, and the like, are the hottest this year. Such a fashion statement originated from the reigning supremacy of Twitter, which has also achieved fame for both kids and grown-ups. Another media tool that has greatly influenced kids’ fashion is the Twilight series, which gave room for the birth of the latest stylish playthings for the little ones: “spooky” toys. Stuffed toys in the forms of delightful little bats and vampires, as well as picture books, are currently one of the most coveted children’s toys out in the market.

In step with the times, technological devices exploded with popularity and made its presence celebrated. Skype has become not just a handy tool for working parents to keep in touch with their children, but also a trendy addition to the household, especially for adolescents wanting constant video communications with peers. Animated movies in 3-D derived from classic tales is a recent darling fad favoured by both parents and kids, as well, as it permits a perfect combination of fun and learning in addition to the quality time spent together.

FASHION BRACELETS – How To Wear Multiple Bracelets

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Bracelets have been worn for a very long time in different parts of the world. There are different beliefs that co-exist with wearing bracelets such as providing good luck and driving evil spirits away. Another reason is wearing bracelets to tell the society of what your class status is. Today, fashion accessories are as important as the clothes you wear and bracelets are used to emphasize a good fashion statement. With bracelets added to your fashion, you will be able to look astounding whatever the occasion may be. Since there is a wide selection of bracelet designs that you can choose from, it is important to know what are the bracelet types and in what combination you should wear them with.

These fashion bracelets come in different styles, colors, shape, sizes, and are made of different materials. For that reason, it is quite difficult to select which outfit you can choose to wear them with and vice versa. These are some helpful tips that will help you choose the perfect bracelets that would go for a certain occasion.


May it be a debut, a wedding, or a get together party, as long as theme of the party is ‘formal’, you can go for a classic look. Gold bracelets are perfect to match red, white, and black cocktail dresses. Silverworks are neutral colors and would match almost any dress there is. For formal events, it would look better if you don’t wear thick bangles and just stick to the thin ones. Your bracelet doesn’t always have to match the colors of your outfit. Check your outfit’s linings and accent colors to give you the bracelet color idea.


The color you choose for your bracelet depends on the color of the outfit you will be wearing. If you’re outfit comprises more than one color, just select one color from the outfit’s pattern and wear the same color for your bracelet. It is alright to wear more than one bracelet per outfit as long as the color patterns are present. Combination of beaded bracelets or combination of thick and thin bangles can accentuate your casual theme for the day.


Rubber bracelets and tennis bracelets, more often than not, give the statement of being active, fun, and energetic. You can wear this type of bracelet if you are going out to jog, do sports, or other recreational activities.


You may be going to school or to work every day and it is also essential to make a fashion statement through the use of bracelets. Once again, check if it won’t go off of your clothing theme. Green and yellow are not always the perfect combination. Light colors are often matched with its darker counterparts and vice versa. If you are going to wear these bracelets every day, consider its size. Huge bracelets can get in the way. The most important factor to consider when wearing everyday bracelets is if you’re comfortable wearing them.

Investing in different styles of bracelets can help you significantly show the world of your fashion statement. Bracelets are effective accessories to help you decide what to wear on a certain event. If you have a variety of bracelets to choose from, you can actually look at your bracelets first and decide what outfit to wear along with it. It wouldn’t always look good to wear too many at a time. But be creative in mix matching your bracelets with your outfit and with other bracelets to find the perfect blend of colors. Whatever kind of bracelet you would be wearing, always remember that they give different impressions on different occasions.

Jewelry Highlights at the Red Carpet Event, the Golden Globes Award

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The 2011 Annual Golden Globes Award have revealed the stars that shone the most, the dresses that awed the crowd, and the personalities that brought the much awaited glitz and glamour of the red carpet. Shining behind each of these actresses’ illuminating lights, are the jewelries which sparkled the most to better exhibit the fashion expertise of such celebrities bearing them. On top of ball gowns covered with shimmering sequins and crystals are necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and other trinkets encompassed with white diamonds, emeralds, and overflowing precious stones, as anticipated in a high profile awards show such as the Golden Globes.

Fashion experts have noticed a certain trend which emphasizes necklaces more so than any other ornament, often accompanied by stud earrings which do not compete with the magnificently crafted neck pieces, and rather merely complements flawlessly. The dramatic beauty of Catherine Zeta-Jones perfectly carried off a Van Cleef & Arpels “Eliza” diamond drop earrings which related visually to her facial features and her full-skirted glittering skirt, in faultless combination. Bracelets were rarely peeked at during this awards show owing to the presence of long-sleeved dresses with personalities such as Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway setting the example. Jewelled hair clips, brooches, and rings supplemented the oomph to bring charm and allure to its highest level; an emerald ring adorning Elizabeth Moss’s finger clutched much interest as it flattered her green Donna Karan gown.

Although the absence of the usual quantity of bracelets was detected by the keen eyes of fashion specialists, one stood out amongst its contemporaries. An ideal play of colours in the usage of jewelry that brilliantly set off the gown it accompanied, is Kyra Sedgwick’s repetitive stacking of yellow-gold wrist adornments with a dash of turquoise which harmonized faultlessly with her marigold yellow-orange Emilio Pucci dress.

Asian Infused Fashion Creations stirring up a Storm

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The Far East, with its exotic blends of silky fabrics, colourful feasts, vast cultures, and porcelain-skinned beauties, has become a major influence for some of the top designers in the fashion world. The latest fashion trends captured amidst this season’s latest collections have noticeably embodied an Asian inspired flair with Marc Jacob’s designing for the Spring show of Louis Vuitton leading the way, and Miuccia Prada stepping up to pace with her Spring presentation in Beijing last week. These runway shows went crazy with cheongsams swishing with fringes, lace skirts with matching fans, and other Asian infused patterns, fabrics, and pints cleverly incorporated into the elegance of haute couture.

Not only are these two world renowned designers the only ones contaminated with Asian fever, high-end labels made an impact just as well with these latest fashion trends, starting with L ‘Wren Scott’s Oriental crepe satin dress with lavish embroideries aglow in golden hues. Not to be outdone, Winter Kate crafted a black and white Barbary printed Kimono complete with sashaying tassels, while Proenza Schouler’s shibori print shirt of the same shades carried out its finest version of Asian ingenuity. Kenzo astonished just about everyone with his tie-dyed Zen sandals of a flowery concept enveloped in an aura of Japanese quintessence; and in direction competition with its astounding uniqueness, is Marc Jacob’s multi-coloured leather and wood python wedge, which was first showcased in the LV spring show.

The latest fashion trends bearing the stamp of Eastern inspirations do not stop at clothes and foot wears. A stunning LV Art Nouveau forecast bag which was initially paired with the captivating Marc Jacob’s wedge, short of stopped the crowd’s beating hearts during the historic show. And to flawlessly complement each and every Asian-infused creation, is the masterpiece of Chartreuse. It is an 18k gold and emerald band embedded with white diamonds, with two confronting green-eyed tigers as its focal point.


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Your eyes are the windows to your soul. When you talk to people, you look at them in the eye. But let’s face it. You can’t help but admire those women who have long eyelashes that are perfectly curled. Not everyone is blessed with long and attractive eyelashes. As a matter of fact, fake eyelashes are becoming trendy these days because celebrities and other fashion icons have long and lovely eyelashes. You will then realize that wearing make-up is not enough. However, you may run into these questions.


The answer is simple. With fake eyelashes, your eyes will look bigger and fuller. Women with small eyes find this advantageous for them. Though this doesn’t mean women with big eyes should not wear fake eyelashes. If you have big eyes but really thin lashes, your eyes seem to pop out. In fact, women with big eyes and has longer and fuller eyelashes doubles the glamour effect because it balances the roundness of the eye framing it perfectly.


Apart from its overall effect on the face, there is actually a scientific explanation as to why longer and fuller eyelashes are a trend since 1900s. As people get older, hairs fall out and your lashes are no exemption. Therefore, having thick and plush eyelashes gives everyone the idea of being young and fresh.


If you would like to buy fake eyelashes, look for the ones that would give you the most natural looking effect. There are two types of fake eyelashes: full type and the sparse-filler type. The full type false eyelashes give full density and the easiest to attach. However, this is not recommended for everyday use. What’s recommended for daily use is the sparse-filler type. It may not be easy to attach but it fills in areas with lesser hairs so to open your eyes giving you a natural but glamorous result.


Wearing fake eyelashes can be tricky sometimes and you may not perfect it at first. With constant practice, you will be able to wear your fake eyelashes in less than 1-2 minutes with ease. Fake eyelashes are sold in a standard length. Therefore, if you find it longer than your eyes’ length, you can trim it down. Apply a little amount of cosmetic adhesive to the fake eyelashes’ root and let it dry for about 20 seconds. Using a pair of tweezers, attach it a little above your real eyelashes. You can use your tweezers to maneuver it down so it can be very close to your lash line. Once it’s in place, let it dry and curl your lashes. You can apply mascara and eyeliners to make it look more natural.

CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS – Clip In Hair Extensions For Short Hair

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Short and thin hairs can be cute sometimes. But let’s face it. You might be one of the women who got shorter hair and can’t wait for your hair to grow longer. It is also possible that you have tried using different shampoos that promises immediate hair growth and have seen no results. Or, your hair may lack volume and style. According to surveys, 47% of guys preferred women with longer hair and this take the most percentage on the study. The rest are divided into different hairstyles such as bobbed, extra short, above shoulder length, and other hairstyles out there. Men prefer women who have longer hair because it clearly differentiates the masculine from the feminine. Not to mention that they can touch it and play with it.  However, you need not to worry because you can have a new look full of glamour with longer hair in no time by using clip in hair extensions.

There are two types of clip in hair extensions: the real human hair and the synthetic type of hair extensions. The first one is actually looks natural because it is made of real human hair and gives more suppleness. This type of clip in hair extensions can be curled, washed, and dyed. The latter though is a cheaper version and can also offer a natural look and feel. However, you cannot curl, iron, or dye this type of clip in hair extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions brings more than one advantage to your look. Not only that it adds length and volume to your hair, a healthy looking hair full of volume gives the impression of being young, sexy, and fresh. It may be difficult to wear it at first but when you get used to it, you would actually realize that attaching them on your hair is as easy as 123. Another good thing about it is that, unlike using harsh hair products that promises volume and length, this clip in hair extensions brings no damage to your hair because you are merely clipping them in.  This is a good way of covering up any split ends too. With these clip in hair extensions, the possibilities of styling your hair is endless. If you wish to wear a long sexy ponytails, up-do’s, or straightly ironed, you can definitely do so to get a new look every time you go out. The best part of it all, you original hair stays unharmed and will continue to grow healthy with no problem.

Animal Prints: How To Wear Animal Prints

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The world of fashion has come up with a wide array of designs ranging from the simplest elegance down to eclectic, wacky and edgy explosions of art, and a lot of trendsetters have noticed animal prints as constantly being present, be it as a central focus or a minor detail, to clothing. And resulting from that, the fashion advice concerning designs of such kind experts are freely bestowing to fashionistas out there, is this: Animal print is not a trend. It is a fashion staple.

Animal prints are sometimes heard of as being tacky, and another fashion advice worth listening to is the fact that it can be, but only when the individual bearing items with these prints have no idea how to properly wear them. A flawless example of the chic, sophisticated, and alluring combinations of how animal printed designs can turn out to be, is in the faultless ensemble of 50s inspired creations of Christian Dior’s Resort 2010 collection. The principal players presented in this collection are techniques of leopard spots and the lovely shade of the lilac colour. Pieces were whipped up into sexy suits with three-quartered sleeve pullover blouses generally worn with pencil skirts and a belted sheath. Along with the animal prints sprinkled on each piece, a swingy knee-length trench coat with contrasting lapels comes into play for each piece as well.

A great deal of number of celebrities have also been spotted clad in a variety of animal printed apparels, as stylists to the stars have been consistently incorporating these designs in their fashion advices. Personalities such as the sleek dresser Mischa Barton, the flamboyant singer Katy Perry, Israeli Supermodel Bar Rafaeli in her Dolce and Gabbana leopard print scarves, and Academy Award winner Halle Berry. Reviews regarding such fashion moments were printed into favourable ones.

The Names behind Famous Celebrities Fashion Honours

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Millions of people around the globe adore and try to emulate their favourite celebrities’ styles, not just the way they move, act, and talk, but most specifically the mode of dressing that they are generally seen in. With the stars’ hectic schedules that take them from coast to coast in a matter of days, oftentimes the responsibility of outfit options fall in the expert hands of their stylists. Behind every celebrity’s trendsetting apparel is a clever fashion guru with a professional eye for the little details and the flawless union of harmonious ensembles.

One of the most popular stylists in Hollywood responsible for the stunning outfits that fashion forward celebrities have been caught sashaying in, are the team of Christina Ehrlich and Estee Stanley. The duo has been dressing stars of such fashion calibre as Demi Moore, Jessica Biel, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and Penelope Cruz. Perhaps these creators of traffic-stopping wardrobes to the stars, have been most talked about the past year, as Nicole Richie and former best friend and stylist Rachel Zoe had a public split which resulted in Richie turning to Ehrlich and Stanley for fashion advice. Today, the duo still puts together glamorous and one-of-a-kind attires for personalities needing fashion assistance not just in the red carpet, but also for everyday clothing options.

Aside from making the stars look good; Ehrlich and Stanley have also created the high end clothes line named Miss Davenporte, which caters to all fashionistas out there. These stylists have a fashion motto of producing classic and chic designs for their label, as well as the personalities consulting them for fashion tips, to help these individuals evolve with their own fashion styles, and not just hand over trendy garbs of the moment. The ultimate goal is to not look back over the years and regret the choice of clothing one has opted to show off in crucial times.

Couture Crafted Jewels from a Woman’s Inspired Touch

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Aside from the eyes, the crowning glory and an alabaster skin, a woman’s neck is also a physical attribute that greatly defies a woman’s swan-like elegance, and is quite essential, as much as the three aesthetic qualities mentioned, in conveying beauty and poise. And what better way to accentuate a stunning neck, than an arresting necklace to pair it with. This piece of jewellery worn around the neck often encompasses pendants, lockets, and all varieties of gems and precious stones, to fully highlight the sensual arc beneath a woman’s face.

A name which is frequently associated in possessing beautifully crafted and couture quality-made necklaces is that of Venessa Arizaga. Recently, an Opening Ceremony displaying her not so minimalist collection was unveiled, much to the delight of awe-struck and satiated jewellery lovers. Her pieces were bathed in a multitude of colours from different stones of dazzling hues, arranged in threads, piled chains, and scattered with charms. More shimmering qualities were observed due to the presence of rhinestone, which became a staple element of this collection. It was a complete turnaround for Arizaga after having been a part of famous designers’ teams, such as Tuleh, Carolina Herrera, and Zac Posen, all in the art of clothes making.

Owing to this experience with luxury garments, Arizaga has had a better perception of creating couture necklaces and other jewelleries that flawlessly complement a woman and her own personal style. She has captured a large scale of the market with her unique designs and breathtaking adornments. Celebrities such as Leighton Meester, the Gossip Girl star, have been photographed wearing an Arizaga piece, for a fashion shoot. Venessa Arizaga jewels that are next to get launched will be pieces from her Spring 2011 collection which is expected to be as eye-popping as can be.

The First Lady as a 21st Century Fashion Icon

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After decades of interchanging Presidents that the White House has homed within its secure walls, a number of first ladies of the United States have come along for the ride in support of their husbands. Amongst the forty-five women behind the success of each President that served the country, only two have been considered as fashion trendsetters, Frances Cleveland and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, while an emerging third candidate has come to life as Barack Obama took hold of the Presidential Seat. Michelle Obama, after nearly three years of being in the limelight alongside her spouse, has brought to life a great deal of memorable outfits that puts her in the distinct category of being a fashion icon.

Michelle Obama, or more popularly known amongst the fashion world as Mrs. O, has thrown away the concept of clean crisp, linear suits that are generally seen worn by wives of state officials. Being the fashion icon that she is, a little leg through slits from tailored skirts and a dash of flirty vibes from off-the-shoulder ensembles, are not style concepts that Mrs. O shies away from. She is adventurous in her clothes preference, adding a large extent of colourful fabrics, bold patterns, even vintage pieces, that she generally plays around with. Some of her most memorable fashion moments are those of her wearing a Jason Wu white floor-length, chiffon gown embedded with crystals and organza flowers during the Inaugural Ball, and an Isabel Toledo gold and bronze dress with a banded empire waist paraded around at the time the Ford Theatre re-opened.

Mrs. O’s natural fashion sense which involuntarily enhances her slender curves need not necessarily accompany the names of branded labels as they appear before the public eye. It has been buzzed about that the fashion icon of 1600 has a closet comprising of both pricey garments and mainstream accessible pieces.

Accessories fit to travel with a queen

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Dressing in couture, designer wardrobes is not enough without the matching fashion accessories that simply must go along with these types of special garbs. Sometimes, even when dressing down, an accessory can perk up a seemingly drab outfit, thereby instilling its importance to the art of fashion. It may come in the form of jewelleries, shoes, bags, purses, and the like, with one common factor amongst them all: It complements ones style of dressing.

The most sought after foot wears of today are the Elizabeth mules in leopard print by Christian Louboutin, suede strappy stilettos by Edmundo Castillo, a flower printed peep-toe sandal by Nicholas Kirkwood, and the sleek and funky ankle-strap stilettos by Louis Vuitton which boasts of coloured beads draped by the heel of the shoe. These high heeled shoes come in rather expensive price tags, yet the quality, design, and uniqueness of each piece is considered to be priceless. A costly shoe, which is another of the most coveted fashion accessories at present are the satin and velvet ankle-strap sandals created by Vionnet, which is encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The ever notorious designer John Galliano also crafted an eye-candy of a shoe with his platform pumps suffused in swirls of pink, in perfect congruity with Nina Ricci’s tickled pink tiered evening bag. Other purses gaining recognition as the hottest items in store are Bulgari’s hexagonal minaudiere, Marchesa’s amethyst stingray square box that spells glam-rock, a metal clutch by Giambattista Valli, Givenchy’s pale gold leather minaudiere with metal clasps, and an elegant satin clutch from Emporio Armani.

These fashion accessories mentioned are ideally suited to a number of jewelleries that have caught the attention of style experts. House of Waris crafted a white gold Plumage bracelet studded with diamonds, fashion label Celine came up with jade enamel cuffs, renowned designer Diane von Furstenberg has attached her name to a power ring of white gold and diamonds, and a headpiece worth over hundreds and thousands of dollars by Solange Azagury-Partridge, are also perfect companions to every woman’s dream designer ensemble.

The year gone by’s best dressed moments

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With January moving forward in speed, 2010’s most memorable moments in high fashion which were caught by style experts, has been revealed. This kind of fashion differs extremely from typical mainstream trends in a way that it is applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories with the cultural and social influences of an unambiguous era in mind. It is considered to be the best and most excellent of the current fashion modes.

Michelle Harper, a fixture on the New York social circuit, had onlookers buzzing about her Yazbukey disc hat and finger necklace accompanying her ultra chic look, absolutely demonstrating a high fashion spectacle during Paris Fashion Week. Comfortable yet sophisticated fashion befell fashion experts’ eyes in the form of Yasmin Sewell in a mixture of feminine and masculine auras, flawlessly merged into her Burberry split zip coat-clad body. The label Celine received its fair share of the spotlight in 2010 and perfectly sporting the minimalism effect of their designs is Anya Ziourova in a belted beige trench dress with a long-sleeved tee, exuding effortless grace. A favourite of couture specialists is the svelte Caroline Sieber who has faultlessly brought cocktail dressing to a whole new level. Vintage romance is captured in Marina Munoz’s eclectic mixing and matching of styles, oftentimes with bits from the boyfriend’s closet, and she has emerged as a fresh addition to fashion symbols for the younger generation. Yet, undeniably, 2010 was Anna Della Russo’s year, as she donned dynamic outfits after another, which became a show of her own.

High fashion has certainly not limited its outstretched arms to women, with men of style bringing their classic, elegant acts to the table. A rugged, playful yet fashionably adept take on a matching Varvatos jacket and tie, was Nickelson Wooster’s version of fashion. Street photographer Guerre, and Milan Vukmirovic, with his vibrant presence and attitude his best accessory, loiter just as on form in the best dressed list.

Future Collectibles worth Investing in Today

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Fashion memorabilia currently on display in famous museums and institutions amounting to thousands and thousands of dollars are items that have been maintained and loved by collectors of such art. Style and trend experts have given fashion advice concerning the absolute must of safe-keeping the key items from fashion’s colourful and glamorous past. Cristobal Balenciaga outfits and infamous cut-out jerseys of Tom Ford for Gucci are merely a couple of collector pieces currently on show in popular museums. The start of 2011 marks a good path to distinguish the vintage entries of the future, and vintage collectors and visionary store buyers have revealed essential pieces of today being considered as masterpieces of tomorrow.

Stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, has recognized the fashion house spanning decades of time, Chanel, as boasting of a coveted classic black dress prospectively turning collector’s item from its Spring 2011 Collection. Miu Miu’s Spring 2011 wardrobes with classic author Virginia Woolf’s look stamped on it, is part of reputable fashion specialists’ fashion advice to obsessive investors out there. The late legendary designer Alexander McQueen also created an emotional and historic 2010 Fall Collection which has fashion lovers scrambling to get even just a piece. American clothes maker, Cynthia Rowley, put her money on Tom Sach’s Kelly Bag with its rare iconic design encompassed with high-art sensibility, as a potential memorabilia. Shetland sweaters from J.Press, with a style mantra of having no obsolescence, have had early predictions of becoming an essential item to stand the test of time.

Other pieces that have linked their names to the privileged list of fashion advices from top fashion gurus as collectibles are Hannah Martin’s triangle ring, Julien David scarves, and Pierre Cardin and Nicholas Ghesquiere designs. Fashion collecting, as of late, has become a sport of hankering after raw and refined designer items, ranging from the classics down to the avant-garde.

Celebration of the 90s Fashion for Women

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Fashion from decades gone by continually reappear to wreak trends and styles with cutting edge designs for the women of today. From the glamorous 30s era to the 90s funk, a whole array of unique modes of dressing constantly emerge to be the latest in fashion. To pay tribute to the hip and cool times of the 1990s, a list of dos and don’ts in fashion for this period is recognized and tallied to be of assistance to any 90s obsessed individual.

To start with the dos and don’ts in fashion, five of the top dos to be part of a woman’s clothing inspired by the 90s fashion is listed. First up, is any sheer clothing; just remember to keep it clean, no delicate parts of the body exposed. An explosion of floral prints is just as handy to be equipped with, especially with spring on its way, and a number of accessories such as dungarees and boots are quite trendy with flowers stamped on it. With the 90s era considered today as vintage, double denims return with a vengeance; once it was a fashion taboo and at present is rather mainstream as long as it’s not overdone. Nineties grunge brings back the flavours of clunky heels, work boots, as well as tube skirts, either mini or maxi, depending on which personality type one is.

With every yes, come a negative side and the dos and don’ts in 90s fashion begin with the no-nos with spaghetti strapped clothing. Nobody would want to end up looking like Sporty Spice with these strappy numbers, so don’t even bother with it. Scrunchies are just as lousy, whether worn as headpieces, armbands, or even for dogs. Tube socks and bum bags unquestionably deserve a fashion don’t stamp, while tribal tattoos follow in its wake in the list. These tattoos are over rated and to have jumped in its bandwagon during the 90s make one rather unfortunate due to its permanence.

Who Are The Winners Of The 2011 Golden Globe Awards In Fashion

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Any red carpet event is a highly anticipated spectacle by the paparazzi and fashion and film lovers, globally, which endlessly turns into a media frenzy of showbiz’s who’s who and who’s not. The recent Golden Globe Awards which is presented annually to recognize outstanding performances in the entertainment industry both nationally and internationally, did not escape from the Fashion Police’s keen eyes on the chic and fabulous dresses down to the biggest styling mistakes. A sea of strapless gowns in emerald green, varying shades of pink and diverse hues greeted the scene amidst numerous Hollywood stars and foreign actors, directors and film specialists.

Several celebrities caught the attention of reputable Fashion Police’s interest as they dazzled and shone in designer gowns truly enhancing their extraordinary natural beauties. Sophia Vergara, the “Modern Family” vixen, was easily agreed upon as the best-dressed award in her red sexy stunner designed by Vera Wang with her signature sultry loose curls. Actress and presenter Olivia Wilde definitely made jaws drop as well in her shimmering Marchesa gown and Louboutin shoes, while Anne Hathaway proved her fashion bona fides in a gown with a low-cut back made by Armani Prive. Claire Danes and a pregnant Natalie Portman who both won Best Actress awards appeared in pink gowns by Calvin Klein and Viktor & Rolf, respectively, and both emerged as ravishing couture ladies. Youngsters Jennifer Lawrence, who pulled off a Louis Vuitton number, and Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung, defied age in their brilliant fashion statements.

Celebrity couples who materialized in the red carpet, complementing each other’s own radiance, is a definite stand out mesmerizing the Fashion Police’s glance. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, completely sealed their iconic fashion tandem wearing Versace, while Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas arrived in a duo of designer outfits by Canali and Monique Lhuillier. Tilda Swinton was granted the award any movie actress would shy away from, the worst-dressed top contender, in her Mormon-esque look by Jil Sander.