FASHION BRACELETS – How To Wear Multiple Bracelets

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Bracelets have been worn for a very long time in different parts of the world. There are different beliefs that co-exist with wearing bracelets such as providing good luck and driving evil spirits away. Another reason is wearing bracelets to tell the society of what your class status is. Today, fashion accessories are as important as the clothes you wear and bracelets are used to emphasize a good fashion statement. With bracelets added to your fashion, you will be able to look astounding whatever the occasion may be. Since there is a wide selection of bracelet designs that you can choose from, it is important to know what are the bracelet types and in what combination you should wear them with.

These fashion bracelets come in different styles, colors, shape, sizes, and are made of different materials. For that reason, it is quite difficult to select which outfit you can choose to wear them with and vice versa. These are some helpful tips that will help you choose the perfect bracelets that would go for a certain occasion.


May it be a debut, a wedding, or a get together party, as long as theme of the party is ‘formal’, you can go for a classic look. Gold bracelets are perfect to match red, white, and black cocktail dresses. Silverworks are neutral colors and would match almost any dress there is. For formal events, it would look better if you don’t wear thick bangles and just stick to the thin ones. Your bracelet doesn’t always have to match the colors of your outfit. Check your outfit’s linings and accent colors to give you the bracelet color idea.


The color you choose for your bracelet depends on the color of the outfit you will be wearing. If you’re outfit comprises more than one color, just select one color from the outfit’s pattern and wear the same color for your bracelet. It is alright to wear more than one bracelet per outfit as long as the color patterns are present. Combination of beaded bracelets or combination of thick and thin bangles can accentuate your casual theme for the day.


Rubber bracelets and tennis bracelets, more often than not, give the statement of being active, fun, and energetic. You can wear this type of bracelet if you are going out to jog, do sports, or other recreational activities.


You may be going to school or to work every day and it is also essential to make a fashion statement through the use of bracelets. Once again, check if it won’t go off of your clothing theme. Green and yellow are not always the perfect combination. Light colors are often matched with its darker counterparts and vice versa. If you are going to wear these bracelets every day, consider its size. Huge bracelets can get in the way. The most important factor to consider when wearing everyday bracelets is if you’re comfortable wearing them.

Investing in different styles of bracelets can help you significantly show the world of your fashion statement. Bracelets are effective accessories to help you decide what to wear on a certain event. If you have a variety of bracelets to choose from, you can actually look at your bracelets first and decide what outfit to wear along with it. It wouldn’t always look good to wear too many at a time. But be creative in mix matching your bracelets with your outfit and with other bracelets to find the perfect blend of colors. Whatever kind of bracelet you would be wearing, always remember that they give different impressions on different occasions.

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