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Celebrity Stylists: Who Are The Top Celebrity Stylists

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Celebrities, being always on the limelight, need to look stunningly beautiful all the time. Thanks to their stylists, they always get the look that every girl wants without much difficulty. They can transform a plain looking country girl into a dashing fashion icon in no time. Yes, they are the modern fairy godmothers of our Hollywood celebrities.

While celebrities take all the fame in their “personal styles”, their stylists have always remained in the shadows. Now, it’s time to find out who dressed who. Here are the 2011 top 3 celebrity stylists and their works.

1.      Andrea Lieberman

“I’m about easy looks constructed with layers. I like the luxury of transforming from preppy chic to downtown street just by taking of my cardigan and rolling up my sleeves.”

Andrea Lieberman was born in New York. She graduated from Parsons School of Design with a degree in fashion. Before she became the prominent stylist she has turn out to be now, she went to work with Giorgio D’Saint, Angelo and Romeo Gigli. She owns a personal clothing line called the A.L.C. This is a collection of sophisticated silhouettes and gorgeous must-haves that brings out the classy elegance and glamour in you.

Andrea Lieberman is the person behind every Gwen Stefani’s new look. She has changed Gwen Stefani’s discomfited choice of clothes into an impeccable wardrobe. She has also been Jennifer Lopez’s stylist during the 2000 Grammy Awards where she let J.Lo. wear a plunging green Versace cut from the neck down. She also worked with Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill, Shirley Manson, Mary J. Blige, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and other A-list celebrities as well. She also worked with some top photographers like Norman Jean Roy, Patrick Demarchelier and Gilles Bensimon.

2.      Britt Bardo

“Check out what you look like from both front and back.”

Britt Bardo was born in Lima, Ohio. But their family moved to Indiana when she was 13 then finally to Detroit, Michigan when she turned 18. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles, California. Before becoming a fabulous stylist of famous Hollywood stars, she first worked in G Star New York Showroom where she helped in running the show. Her break came when Jennifer Lopez asked her to become her personal stylist. Now, almost every celebrity knows her name.

Britt Bardo is known for her laid-back chic style. Her most famous work was with the Olsen Twins. She transformed into a fashion icon by helping them pick up their own clothes and by working out their style. She also worked with the Pop Princess, Britney Spears though she claims that Britney changes her outfits as she pleases. She has also helped dress Malin Ackerman, Kate Hudson, Emannuelle Chriqui, and Eva Mendez for red carpet events.

3.      Nicole Chavez

“Bring your personality into your clothes and have it be an extension of who you are.”

Talk about in demand. Nicole Chavez is one of the most popular stylists today. Her philosophy is to dress her clients according to their personality so they would feel comfortable with themselves as they walk the red carpet. She was born in Sonoma County, Northern California. She left home to attend school at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She had her break when she met Rachel Bilson when she was just starting her career. Then soon started working together until she became what she is now.

Nicole Chavez’s great works were those of Rachel Bilson, Scarlett Johansson, Katherine Heigl, Amy Smart, Ashlee Simpson, Brittany Snow and Kristen Bell. Those are just some of her regular clients who couldn’t seem to stop loving her down-to-earth styles.