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Generally, all of us look out for other people to help us pick the right clothes to wear. For Hollywood celebrities, they have their own stylists. But not everybody can afford to have one. So they tend to experiment by themselves. Not all people, however, have the guts to do this. They prefer to stick to the basic shirt and jeans combination and are not willing to step out of their comfort zone. They are afraid to try out new things even though they keep on wishing that they would look trendy and fabulous someday. So for those girls who are afraid to try new looks on their own, here is a little help for you – helpful fashion advices that would give you ideas on how to dress yourself properly.

Know Yourself More

This is the first thing that you have to do before you can actually pick your own clothes. Determine your personal style by trying to understand what you really want for yourself and by combining your taste, lifestyle, interests, desires, aspirations, inspirations and history. Find out if you are traditional, fashion forward, or outgoing. This way, you can be stylish yet comfortable in your own clothes.

Aside from finding your personal style, you also have to find the best colors that compliment your skin tone, eye color, and hair. First, you have to find out if warm colors suit you or if cool colors look better on you. The easiest way to determine this is by taking the gold or silver test. This is a very easy test and all you need is a mirror, silver and a gold jewelry pieces and natural lighting. To take this test, just hold the pieces of jewelry beside your face and observe the changes. See which one looks brighter and stands out more. Also check which jewelry made you look healthier and way better. If you’re a gold lover, then rich, golden and earthy colors would make you look absolutely stunning. If silver makes you look better, though, then clothes of jewel, cooler and true colors with blue undertones are must-haves for your wardrobe. But if you look good both in gold and silver then you’re one lucky girl. You can wear any color you like except ash tones because this will make you look bland.

Find Out about the Wardrobe Essentials

Your wardrobe should have tops and sweaters, outwears like blazers and vests, dresses, bottoms, jewelry, and other accessories like bags, clutches and belts. Having all of these items in your wardrobe would keep you on up and running all year round. These garments can be used anytime and with almost anything. These are the foundation of a good closet.

Starting your Style Makeover

This is probably your most awaited part of the article. Now, you will learn how to flatter your body and facial shape.

Oval face – you can wear just about anything you like and have any kind of haircut you want.

Round face – wear V-necks or deep U-necks and tops with small or angular patterns like small dots, floral, and checks. The perfect cut for you is to have long hairstyles with layered and wispy ends.

Oblong face – Wear boat-neck and wide U-necks with large patterns all over it. You can model blunt and side-swept bangs, large curls and waves and even chin-length cuts and bobs.

Square Face – wear tops, sweaters and dresses with round patterns. Long hair with long layers and side swept bangs are also great for you. Curly hair would soften the strong lines on your face as well.

Triangular face – V-necks and deep U-necks are great for you. Curls and waves on irregular layers which are side-parted would look fantastic on you. Wispy styles are best for your facial shape too.

Diamond/Heart face – U necks are great in creating an illusion of shorter chin. Chin-length, side-parted hairstyles as well as wispy bangs are great for your face.