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Deriving cute fashion ideas from scarves

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If you think that scarves are only used around your neck to give you warmth, then you are dead wrong. Scarves can become a cute fashion idea in more than one way. If you are running out of fashion ideas then you can consider using your scarf to get a new look out from it. The type of scarf that this article will be focusing on is big scarves similar to this picture on the right.
Scarves are made from different materials such as wool, cotton, rayon, silk, and many more. Some of which have elegant fabrics and textures while some are plain. Although they were created to accentuate and complement a certain outfit, you can do more than just that. Here are some cute fashion ideas that you can make with your scarf.

A scarf as a cute fashion idea is really easy to achieve. You can turn your scarf into an elegant sexy top. This simple fashion idea is guaranteed to give you a glamorous new look especially if you don’t wear scarves often.

The first thing that you need to have is a big scarf. On a flat surface, fold your scarf in a triangle. Pick the scarf at the middle and center it right above your chest. You may want to use a double sided fashion tape to keep it in place. Lastly, tie both ends around your back and secure it with two knots.

This sexy top made from your scarf could go well with plain colored denims. Make sure that the color of the jeans complement with your scarf color combinations. On the picture shown, you will see that the model is wearing white bottom jeans because there is a trace of color white on her scarf. She could’ve also worn purple, green, turquoise, or any other color that can be found on the scarf pattern. Do not wear multi colored pants and have multi colored scarves or the fashion police will arrest you for a fashion crime scene.

The next cute fashion idea was inspired by Muslim’s Hijab. But the goal is to wear it with style and make it not look like you’ve just undergone chemotherapy. As you may well notice, a lot of fashion icons like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and many more have been using scarves around their head matching it up with big sunglasses. That isn’t a bad idea either.

There are different tutorials as to how you can tie scarves to give you a wide variety of fashion ideas for wearing it on your head. You can use it as a head band, a head cover, or a hood. The possibilities are endless.

Some people love to accentuate their purses with scarves. But did you know that you can transform actually transform your scarf into a purse? Making a purse out of your scarf is really easy and fun to do.

All you need to do is to have a big scarf and tie a knot on all of its corners. These scarves have four corners so you can make two handles by tying the ends to the one next to it.

This solves the problem of purses unable to match your outfit ideas. With different scarves to make purses from, you can easily mix n’ match them with what you are planning to wear for the day.