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Sundays at the Coffee Shop : What To Wear On Sunday

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Check out my nice lil’ outfit for this Sunday at the Coffee shop.


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You have to make the most out of your teenage years since it only comes once in a lifetime. As a teenager who goes to school every day, it can’t be helped but be judged on how you dress. Teen fashion is diverse and is mostly inspired by teen celebrities. Some of the young fashion icons popular these days are Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana, iCarly, Demi Lovato, and so much more. But what new look can you do to remain fashionable and appropriate for school? Here are the latest fashion trends for teenagers. Therefore, you have to “dress to impress” and this fashion advice for teens would definitely give you cute outfit ideas that is guaranteed to give you new look every day.


Going to school every day may make you ran out of outfit ideas. Here are some fashion do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind when choosing your outfit.

Old School Inspiration

You can mix n match outfits in your wardrobe to create a look similar to the picture shown on the left. You can pair your skirt with a white top and neutral-colored blazer. High socks and flat shoes are cute outfit ideas too. Make sure that you don’t deviate from your color combination. Choosing 2-3 colors for the whole outfit is enough. Not too emo, not too formal, just right.

Casually Sophisticated

For the next outfit idea, wearing neutral colored fit jeans (black, grey, white) and pair it up with a ¾ sleeve top. Now here’s the trick. If you will be wearing dark and neutral colored jeans, you can pair it up with a lighter top of any color. However, if you are wearing light and neutral colored jeans, you can pair it up with light and dark too if any color. You can also wear silver accessories like bracelet, rings, and necklaces to accentuate your look.

No Ultra High Heels

Wearing high heels are cute however, going to school and walking around the campus may put too much pressure on your legs. If you are having difficulty with walking, you won’t be able to present yourself confidently. You can wear platforms, fashion boots, and cute sandals to match up with your outfit ideas for the day.

No Ultra Mini Skirts

Miniskirt is a cute fashion idea. But wearing super short mini skirt for school is inappropriate. Not only that you will feel a bit uncomfortable, you will have to pull your mini skirt down every time to avoid your undies from showing. You can wear miniskirts with length that should be 3 inches above your knee. Anything shorter than that is a big no.

Avoid Over Accesorizing

Wearing one necklace, a couple of bracelets, and a couple of rings for both hands is okay. However, you must avoid wearing more than that or the fashion police will arrest you for a terrible display of accessories. Fashion accessories are trendy given the fact that the user don’t over accessorizing. You will end up looking too bulky and unpleasant.