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What is the secret behind the success of 3.1 Philip Lim? How to become a fashion icon is a question, the founder Philip Lim must have instilled in his mind as he has achieved this with flying colors. When it comes to fashion accessories, this brand stamped its trademark in the hearts of fashionistas in such a quick span of time. It was founded in 2004 and from then has produced outstanding collections of clothes and accessories from minimalist to vibrant prints but was always constant on one thing-his youthful elegant attack towards fashion. So it’s no surprise how younger trendsetters are his most avid fans and followers. So what are new with Philip Lim?

Clean lines, soft colors and trendy accessories can summarize 3.1 Philip Lim’s summer collection for 2011. Short dresses in neutral shades of beige, white, grey and moss green make up most of the dresses. But despite the simplicity of the design, the material used is satin rather than cotton so it does not look overly casual. Semi-boot wedges for the footwear is what stood out on the collection of casual elegance. If it were paired with sling back pumps, the dress will fall into the common pair-ups that we normally see. The sunglasses, bags, shoes and dresses are all teen fashion styles that can be modified into more mature looks with appropriate accessorizing.

how to become a fashion icon

The Philip Lim hand carry bag resembling an attache case is still very much in demand this summer. With pastel colors of peach and green, they have great abilities to brighten outfits with the same pastel shades. These are very symmetrically shaped, so accessories can be exaggerated- stripped dresses and stacked bangles perhaps?

how to become a fashion icon

If the clothes and bags have clean cuts, check out 3.1 Philip Lim’s ladies footwear-the beauty of woodwork! This is the most exciting part of their summer collection. Wood-soled wedges with cut-out designs and double buckle straps are my favorite elevated shoes for the season. The cute colors combined are adorable to pair with shorts, dresses, tights-you name it and it’s possible. The outcome is a fresh look bursting with youthfulness because of the very trendy design and color.

how to become a fashion icon

Lastly, Philip Lim’s 100% pure fashion talent is a gift. I’ve seen so many plain dresses, so many symmetrical bags and so many wedges but this brand’s collection of the many things I’ve mentioned were creatively put into a one-of-a-kind look that captivates women’s innate youthfulness. How to become a fashion icon like Philip Lim will be a hard shoe to fill in so let it serve as an inspiration to pursue your dreams. Like they say, fashion with passion can never go wrong.


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What’s your favorite bag? If you’re a bag-oholic like me, then we’re probably looking at the same direction. And that’s pointing towards top handle bags for the season which happen to be the best bags to purchase at this time. Summer is all about light weight and carefree accessories that will not make you slouch or lose your posture while sporting a trendy bag. Sling bags and totes are great but with the constant slipping in of items, the weight could be uncontrolled and you will end up with a sore back or shoulder. (Now that’s not cool.) A simple hand carry bag limits your storage of items so you will end up taking with you only the essentials. With practicality comes the fabulous designs of these handbags made for every woman’s personality.
Emporio Armani bags have top handle bags that cater to elegant and casual fashionistas; from polyester to calf skin leather and zipper to button locks. But what stood out to me was the simplest one-the navy blue drawstring closure bag with double handles. The round bottom and soft pleats make it the best handbag for a summer stroll. The casual elegance of this bag will look good with jeans and accessories such as charm bracelets and chandelier earrings. The dark navy color unlike the usual perky floral prints of summer bags will make you wear dresses with prints to the maximum. That means you can go stripes or polka dots on your dress and the bag will simply highlight it.
top handle bags
Bags with stripes always make a statement even without trying. I just love Prada’s Oleander green stripe canvas with top handles! January Jones wore this with her plain casual day clothes and looked trendy and chic. This bag has an option of shoulder straps, but like I said, it’s off for now because light packing is the way to go. The stripes of green and black mean clothes with no prints should be worn with it. Like January, you can wear a grey top but if you prefer dresses then a white cotton dress with a black belt for accent will best match this Prada bag.
top handle bags
Nothing says girly more than pink! Miu Miu’s carry bag splashed with bright pink is a flirty fashionistas choice in top handle bags. Great thing the gold buckles and locks were added to avoid the childish image to it. After all too much pink turns out to be an unpleasant sight, no matter how fresh the colors might be.

top handle bags


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Wayfarer sunglasses make a brilliant way to cover up in style. Besides the protection it provides for our eyes, these fashion accessories are the quickest way to spark up an ordinary outfit like what most Hollywood celebrities do-they cover up in style. We usually see them out of the grocery or after yoga class and they have that certain messy gorgeous look-credit goes to the sunglasses. It adds glamour to an ensemble of cut out shorts and tank tops or maybe jeans and a baby tee. With so many types of sunglasses, wayfarers are the best choice for me; classic, versatile and elegant.

Ray ban started it all. Emma Watson’s original Ray ban wayfarer sunglasses in brown fit the young trendy women of fashion. This brand’s great innovation of two-tone and semi-printed sunglasses (like what Emma’s wearing) allows accessorizing of fashion jewelries to be at their minimal. That means focus on neck pieces rather than earrings like chandelier earrings. And because Ray ban wayfarers bend towards urban chic look, a gold layered necklace and a matching gold ring will complement the sunglasses’ design. The colored line from Ray ban has the exact opposite purpose-for the trendy and casual since the combinations (purple and red, for example) require different fashion accessories to go with it. (That’s not gold, definitely) If you opt for just casual with the sunglasses then a baseball cap is cool!

Emma Watsons Rayban Original Wayfarer 2140 Sunglasses Celebritys Choice: Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Photos

Mary Kate Olsen’s famous grunge look made Paul Smith’s wayfarer sunglasses serve it’s purpose. Its for the lazy style of fashion that says “I don’t need to make an effort to look beautiful”. This fashion accessory will look good with small hoop earrings and knuckle rings that have Goth designs to it. Paul Smith’s wayfarer gives a great angle to the face. The cut on the nose area is soft and subtle but strong at the edges (around the eyes).

wayfarer face shape sunglasses

The trend in over-sized sunglasses is something that has stayed for many fashion years. Beyonce’s 80-ish wayfarers are absolutely large and stunning even with her bangs almost swallowing it up. Huge sunglasses such as these should go with long dangling earrings. Long length in earrings is okay just by avoiding chunky ones that might clash with the wayfarer sunglasses should be kept in mind.

wayfarer face


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Together with coconut trees, swimsuits and surfing, straw bags are also synonymous with the summer season as part of a constant or staple trend. These tropical bags have reached the runways of New york and Milan, with famous designers emerging with new styles every season and has turned the once native bag into trendy glamour bags. Even famous personalities wear them since well-known brands are making straw bags in line with classic leather bags. Here are the top favorite bags I checked out and proved to be excellent items for accessorizing not just this time of the year but all through out.

A beach bag with elegant details made by Balenciaga makes an excellent Boho look. The stripes in fresh green and beige and the brown leather handles make a warm color combination. A long white maxi dress can best lift the colors of the handbag rather than printed or floral ones. With the plain outfit, it’s a must to wear accessories with it. And what better way to complete the look than by wearing long fringed necklaces with colorful beads on it. Add one or two more beaded bracelets (preferrably in red) to complete a cool boho look.

Straw Bags

A straw bag oozing with sophistication is Hermes’ wicker Kelly straw bag. I couldn’t possibly see this worn with shorts or tees, it’s much too classy for just that. A classic trouser and blazer (both with the color tan) and some killer stilettos are the perfect company for the Kelly bag. Jewelries such as diamond stud chandelier earrings and a ladies watch will do fine. No need for colors and light cotton materials for this one. Could you believe it, a straw bag paired with diamonds? Hands down to Hermes!

Straw bags

For the fun and trendy fashion seekers, this vibrant straw bag from Rose Cha handbags will make accessorizing so much fun. With its bright yellow handles, colors are the key to styling it and bringing out it’s perkiness. Don’t hesitate on wearing bangles in tropical colors of green, blue or orange or even printed mini dresses while sporting this straw bag. It actually works! The colors coming together make it a happy accessory that shows how straw bags should really be worn. (That means you can wear ‘em with flip flops. Hurray!)

Straw bags


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Knuckle rings as fashion accessories? That’s a strong yes for you! Gangsters popularized these rings that occupy the hands but now even the ladies are entitled to wear them anytime of the day as fashion rings. Celebrities and music artists like Vanessa Hudgens, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus are great fans of knuckle rings as they provide a tough look for their images. These rings are perfect for Gothic get-ups which compose of dark outfits, dark hair colors and the ever famous black eye liners.

Vanessa Hudgens love knuckle rings by Erin Wasson because it complements her exotic looks. The ring in gold plated metal with pyramid studding is also known as an armor ring. It does not cover all the fingers but because of the way the rings were stacked dramatically and creatively, it does not look bare and minimal. Demi Lovato also wore Nicolina Royale Spike Bow Knuckle ring with her little black dress and slingback pumps. The cute fashion accessory made with leather and silver spikes at the edges of the bow is a cute and sexy way to add accent to an all black ensemble.
knuckle ringsknuckle rings

knuckle rings

Alexander McQueen leaves no room for mediocrity as he creates unconventional knuckle rings. His Hells Wing Knuckle Ring is a rock chic’s dream accessory for the season. Designed with a skull and wings that extend to four fingers, it serves as a one-piece statement accessory that can be used just by itself. For those moments when you can’t get to match your jewelries, just grab one of these and you can achieve a rocking good look.

Alexander McQueen

A timeless knuckle ring is that which has diamonds on it. The combination of elegant stones and trendy ring design is a new concept brought to fashion by Kate Bauman. No other name fits it than “till death do us part”, as it is actually called. The brass ring makes a trendy and elegant fashion accessory for semi formal occasions with dresses being the staple wardrobe.

knuckle rings

You can go boho, elegant, trendy, ethnic, goth and even flirty with the many styles of these hot rings available for us girls today. It can even be personalizes as names or cute aliases can be written on it. So if you’re looking for an accessory that says it all (and does it all),  then go for knuckle rings.


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G by Guess stands for “gorgeous” stiletto heels and slingback pumps for summer of 2011. What I’ve noticed about Guess this year is their limited styles in prints and colors for their line of ladies footwear. Slingbacks are mostly in colors of black, red and tan with no other additional hues to back up the basic shoe color. But for the stilettos, the obvious feminine accent of flowers, laces and satin for the materials, were used to liven up the classic shades of black and off-white. (the common denominator of both shoe types) Women’s battle over which shoe style best captivates their need for comfort and style ends right now as I showcase the most famous ladies high heels from Guess.

The Cavion sling back from G by Guess in shiny black is one shoe that can go with so many looks. Because of it’s features-the peep toe, the cut-out design and the slingback, this particular shoe becomes versatile. Wear it with dark skinny jeans and blazer or a red dress with stacks of bracelets, the result is the same – seductive. It can be worn by a 40 year old woman or someone 20 years younger as long as proper accessorizing is kept in mind.

Slingback pumps

The Guess Rapine sling back in tan/gold has a cute weave-like design on the platform and the heels. The color is in trend for the season as gold reminds us of beaches and sun related activities. On that note, shorts are the best company for this slingback pumps. Accessories like golden chandelier earrings and beaded necklaces in neutral palettes will better enhance the shade of the slingback. This shoe makes for a better day wear than an evening wear because the plain design is simply low key on other flashy evening high heels.

Slingback pumps

On to the classic pumps, Guess’ Wildfire collection comes in three shades of trendy 4-inch pumps. The black version comes with animal prints and a pretty flower on the center. The black version is the same minus the animal prints and added with frost-like patterns. The third version being the best, is made with light satin material and the flower accent piece added with black lace all over. This light wildfire collection combines light and dark colors for that contrast and dimensional effect for the shoe.

Slingback pumps

GUESS Wildfire Light Natural Satin

Based on these collection from G by Guess, shoes are as complicated as women. You cannot label one particular shoe because it consists of so many styles put together in one item-stiletto heels can be sling back pumps or vise versa. But whatever it is, you can always make it work for you with the right match of fashion accessories.


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What comes to mind when we talk about 80′s fashion accessory trends? Bangles! I have very vivid memories of pop stars of the 80′s wearing stacks of them with one sided pony tails-typical Debbie Gibson. But this is 2011 and guess what? The same look is back with bangles as the primary accessories that contribute to great wears for the summer. With dresses showing lots of skin for the season, the task of filling-in for those bare areas depend on these hip bracelets today; the chunkier, more colorful and crazier the better.


Marc Jacobs is known for being in style (if not leading it) and creating items that have unique characteristics that differentiate them from those with similar styles; like the studded lacquered wood bangle from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Instead of vibrant colors, a mono chromatic base color with gold stud embellishments make up the bracelet. The chunky accessory allows the wearer to stack up to two bracelets in one arm and can still be matched with other jewelries such as chandelier earrings and necklaces.


Moschino’s candy cane bangles (in red and black) are feminine accessories for those feminine get-ups. Don’t be afraid to wear colors to this colorful bangle. Although it has stripes, a printed dress can still work with it. Moschino’s country runway collection wore the same bracelets (the turbans were even printed) and the accessories did not clash with the clothes at all. They are great paired with trousers for that extra feminine touch without going too elegant. Would you believe they’re plastic?

Moschino Bangles Spring Summer 2011 Hot Runway Accessories photo

Charm bangles are now making a name at the style scene for summer. For trendsetters who want to stay away from the dangling gems of charm bracelets, this latest creation will definitely give you a stylish item with lesser hassle. Ben Amun presents the Lemon Thick Resin bangle for 2011. It’s fresh yellow hue and light weight material are the winning combinations that make it the perfect accessory for the season.



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A style icon opening her own fashion line is inevitable. It’s actually expected of her since people follow what she wears and which fashion accessories are paired with it; I’m talking about Nicole Ritchie and her House of Harlow.The controversial celebrity has created her second baby ( that being her personal line) with 100% authentic attitude that only she can exude. She’s known for dressing a lazy sexy look with trendy and urban touches. Even if she’s wearing a black dress or bundled up with scarves, the same appeal comes out from her. I will feature some of her spring/summer accessories for 2010-2011 and it’s up to you to decide if she makes a house of horror out of it.

house of harlow

Ethnic can best describe her collection of fashion accessories of chandelier earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Prints that look like tribal symbols are emphasized on all jewelries with bright colors of blue, red and black over gold metal plates and chains. Her style of accessory stacking inspired her to create pieces with multiple shapes like her dangling earrings with triple layers of inverted triangles. Her bracelets allow full coverage on the wrist up, so there is no need to wear more bracelets at a time; one piece is a statement piece in itself.

house of harlow

Her more recent recent jewelry collection focus on arrows, of all things. The arrows were maximized as the rings were decorated with it on different sizes, the pendants had it and they were also used as charms for the bracelets. It doesn’t really hit me on the right nerve. To be honest, I don’t like it. Particularly the arrow ear cuff in gold. You couldn’t quite figure out if the look to achieve with it would be chic, rock or trendy.

house of harlow

house of harlow

It’s only right that you sport you’re personal designs. Nicole Ritchie, on numerous times was spotted wearing her own designs one of which was her latest Winter Kate line-up. The Oaklea dress in floral is so cute indeed! If I had bitter words for the accessories then I have nothing but sweet ones for this. Feminine, flirty, sexy, trendy, the list goes on-I love it! Also love the look below, especially her hair. She can fool me if she wasn’t wearing clip-in hair extensions.

house of harlow


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Summer brings an automatic urge for women to hit the beaches or simply find relaxing ways to unwind from their stressful daily routines. It’s the season that gives us a reason to find an excuse to be lazy and do nothing. But girls will be girls-so even a vacation has to be done in style! To get rid of worries, it’s important to know first hand the basic accessories to wear and bring so unexpected and last minute hassles can be avoided. Here are my three summer essentials to bring with me this summer.

1. Marc Jacobs shopping bag accessorizes your looks without even trying. It’s a vital item for women who were born to walk miles just for the sake of shopping. The great thing about this fashion accessory is that it can pack almost anything. The spacious and spacey storage makes it possible for the wearer to dump in their flip flops, make-up pouches, lotions or even some bags of chips for quick snacking. The country pattern in earthy tones will perfectly suit any colored outfit.

summer essentials

2. Besides slingback pumps, we’ve heard it a zillion times that flats are THE most comfortable footwear that fashion ever gave birth to-that’s because they just are. Women can never have enough flats; be it a bare classic design to a crazier style following the latest trend. A ballet flat combined with jelly shoes result to jelly ballet flats. Sounds like a tongue twister but they won’t get your feet tied down to a wrong fashion style. Look for candy-licious colors such as pink and purple and wear your sunny bright sundress for a refreshing get-up worthy of a second glance. Also don’t forget to accessorize yourself, try on some chandelier earrings.

summer essentials

3. Sunglasses have always been must-haves for summers as they benefit women health-wise as well as style-wise. It’s always important to know which brand will have for the latest eye wear trend that will grab attention and also that are hot on the market. Fendi is a popular choice among fashion icons because it appears sophisticated despite bits of neon shades lined on the upper sides. Over-sized sunglasses were big last year but for this year combined shapes (meaning half ovals or round with square rims such as Gucci’s summer accessory) flood the magazine pages and even the internet.

summer essentials

summer essentials


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Geo Contact lenses are no doubt made popular by Korean artists with the K-Pop craze spreading like wildfire in the music and fashion scene. Aside from talents, great looks are artist’s profit in achieving stardom and desire for staying there for the longest time possible. The K-pop signature of unconventional and uber bright styles in clothing make wearing Geo Contact Lenses the most compatible fashion accessory for it. Total emphasis on the chosen feature or asset is always brought to exaggeration, the positive way.

Narsha from the sexy group Brown Eyed Girls, most of the time (if not always) wears circle lenses as part of her girly but sultry look. Her preference for Geo Nudy Brown shows her flexible sense in styling. With hoop earrings in vibrant pinks or yellows, the contacts mellow down the splash of colors. On her darker days when she wears all black and grey, the enormous brown contacts reflect the trendier and more serious side of her.

Geo contact lenses, Geo Nudy brown, Geo Nudy grey

If brown warms the eyes, then Geo Nudy Grey lightens the eyes without appearing too unnatural; it’s like blue eyes, the Asian way. Bangs complement the lightness of the eyes and makes it intense. Like staring into a hypnotic trance, grey eyes and black hair are contrasts that blend perfectly. Add some clip in hair extensions with colors and you’re on your way to looking like Sandara Park from 2NE1.

Geo contact lenses, Geo Nudy brown, Geo Nudy grey

Geo Contact Lenses Circle lenses that enlarge the iris for an enormous doll- like stare seem like it was custom made for the beautiful Hara-Kara. Her big round eyes become even more mesmerizing as she wears these contacts in brown. Her beauty is best captured in her most simplest. Although with false eyelashes, (like what she wears on her music videos) she creates a dramatic look as well. Geo Contact Lenses birth, made women’s problem of adding glow to the eyes non-existent. Thanks to K-pop’s crazy ideas, these eye accessories are not only suited for famous personalities because you can be one yourself.

Geo contact lenses, Geo Nudy brown, Geo Nudy grey


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The royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William was a magnet of attention for so many reasons, one of which was Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton. Her good looks and fashion styles made skeptic fashionistas raise brows over her taste in fashion. She has undoubtedly kept everyone’s eyes glued to her from that grand April wedding, up to this day still. I’ve compiled some of Pippa’s piping hot looks for this season’s summer fever.

Pippa in a v-neck wrap around dress and white peep toe pumps, looks super comfy and sexy in her casual stroll. Her minimal style of printed wrap dress, a light blue handbag and sunglasses are all but common ladies wear but her personality surely makes up for its simplicity. Her love for flexible colors are evident in her outfit here, with no visible dark colors.

Pippa Middleton

Showing her tan lines in her tube dress is Pippa Middleton at Spain. Wearing a black and white polka dot dress is her way of welcoming the summer without using colors. Her gold earrings, necklace and bracelet were low-down pieces, meaning nothing too elaborate or showy to get the focus off her cute little dress. Personally I thought if she replaced her gold earrings with chandelier earrings will be a better option.

Pippa Middleton

A darker summer look was Pippa’s outfit at the french Open in Paris; a revealing black tee and printed mini skirt with simple open toe sandals. (If there’s anything constant with her looks, it would be those sunglasses and her classic handbag.)
Pippa Middleton

Her dresses compose of classic styles and cuts like this red low neckline summer dress; short sleeved and rectangular cut neckline. (and yes the sunglasses are still present) Her dress is an appropriate day dress for a Wimbledon event; simple elegance.

The hype with the royal sister-in-law continues with Pippa sporting cute outfits on her casual walks. She shows how minimal accessorizing with not many fashion accessories can actually turn into striking looks as long as a strong attitude is matched with it.


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Wedge boots are the hippest ladies fashion accessory to start the fall season. It’s funny how shoe designs today evolve from basic to creative combinations and end with visually appetizing items (with wedge boots as the best example).
You don’t have to stick to stiletto heels or slingback pumps, be adventurous and  wear some wedge boots. Now-a-days these boots are incorporated with so many fusions of shoe designs; different heel types, fur, prints, you name it they have it.
Giuseppe Zanotti boots come with a variety of wedge boots from low cut to mid cut boot wedges. The Zanotti red suede has a soft sensuality to it. The edges are round that means no pointy toes and heels are symmetrically slanted. It does not resemble country boots at all, although it can also be worn with short rolled up denim shorts. The Zanotti Leopard print wedge boots are edgier than the red, with black favoring over the animal prints that were used on the wedge heels only. I see this style with daring leather pants, a black one shouldered top and a sleek pony tail for the hairstyle (Maybe add some woman’s hair accessories for a more unique look).

wedge bootswedge boots

For high cut wedge boots, YSL showcases their version with leather material in black. The super long boots reaching all the way to the thighs can actually look cute (believe it or not) when worn with a mini pleated skirt. You can look like a fashionable Japanese anime with it or a sexy school girl, depending on the choice of skirt and the fashion accessories that go with it. Just don’t over-do the skirt and opt for low key prints and colors to balance the striking boots. I’ve seen Gwyneth Paltrow once, wearing black wedge boots (but with a shorter height from Balenciaga) and she made it work in her classic style of dressing; a short black dress with a fur coat and the boots with black tights. Megan Fox also brought her own style to it by wearing the boots with black shorts and a crocheted top; an edgy day wear.

wedge boots

wedge boots

wedge boots


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Levi’s Strauss started the denim look way back in 1853. What is known today as the 501 jeans was once just torn, ripped and faded jeans made from canvas cloth that was popular among tough carpenters and country farmers. The history of this famous brand is such a marvelous story of hard work and luck that made jeans the staple fashion trend globally.
Levi’s in the present time has branched out to many other fashion accessories aside from denim jeans. Clothing and footwear are among them, both with the same incomparable appeal to the public.
The Levi’s curved ID falls on the summer of 2011 trend, focusing on women’s wear. (From the name itself the feminine shape is the main concern.) With women possessing different body types meaning different assets to flaunt and flaws to cover up, it is only best to have options or choices to suit their many needs. When I wear a pair of Levi’s I personally like to accessorize my outfit, especially with my hair. Sometimes I like to add some clip-in hair extensions for extra glam.

Levi's Strauss

This latest Levi’s jeans come in four styles based on women’s common body types.

SUPREME CURVE-caters for gifted women with voluptuous curves. It emphasizes the butt and hip area without having to look tight and uncomfortable. Jennifer Lopez is the best model for this denim.
BOLD CURVE-hugs the waist and not the hips. For those with slim waist lines, this is the chance to focus the attention to the waist. Dita Von Teese in bold curve is a sight for sore eyes!
SLIGHT CURVE-is for a woman with the right curve on the right spot; not too shapely but not too skiny either. This is for the “just right’ body type like Megan Fox.
DEMI CURVE-accentuates the hips that are unnoticed due to the slim waistline. Though a slim girl might have the advantage of having a thin waistline, other assets such as the hips are over-shadowed. Demi curve is the tool to flatter it and draw attention at the right places. Ramp models with wide structures should wear this to veer attention away from their skinny bodies.

Levi's Strauss

What would fashion be without denims? (That’s unimaginable) Thanks to Levi’s denim jeans that continue to evolve along with women’s need to finding that one perfect denim.


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Summer 2011 is all about many things and more! By more, I speak of cut out shoes from sandals and high heels to boots. Whoever came up with this term must have been in a real hurry when thinking of a name to call shoes with symmetrical cuts or just simply holes with designs but since they’re popularized as cut out shoes then so be it. But don’t confuse this with alligator sandals that have “holes in it”. (although they’re more like numerous slits)
A nude shade from Nine West’s cut out shoe is the perfect summer sandal to grace every woman’s closet. The double ankle straps also consist of diamond cuts designed to create elegance. Wear this with a beige or tan mini dress and a gold-chained handbag for an elegant look without going for the usual black evening outfit.

cut out shoes

Christian Siriano’s Spring/Summer 2011 cut out shoes utilized an earthy material such as wood for the heels of the shoes. Picture a banister and wear it on the heels. That’s a literal way to put it but it actually looks like one. The combination of wood and glitters with the neutral shaded fabric of felt, shines without a doubt, among other cut out shoes. The minimal cuts are of different sizes matching the length of the feet. With these feminine sandals, a dress is the best outfit to complement it. It occupies the whole feet so there’s no room for cover ups. (No pants or maxi dresses for this one)

cut out shoes

Stelle McCartney turned this grandma type of shoe into one hot cut out footwear for the season. Red leather pumps with classic cuts on the side are simple shoes that can go a long way. Don’t just stick with dark denim jeans, instead wear with a black cocktail dress and accessorize with some chandelier earrings.

cut out shoes


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Animal prints have unquestionably made a hot entrance this year.  Jungle fashion like leopard prints dominated the catwalks of top designers seen through their different fashion accessories, such as shoes, bags and bracelets like the cobra bracelet. The trend has quickly evolved now as the animal fever no longer revolve around leopards only. So, which animal are you?
At the Givenchy fall 2011 women’s wear show, the gorgeous Liv Tyler showed off her animal side with the black “vicious dog” shirt she wore. Talk about irony, an angelic face with a drooling fanged dog for the outfit. This rottweiler t-shirt from Givenchy is quick at gaining popularity, not only for women but the men as well. Kanye West was spotted wearing the same top as Liv Tylers’.

jungle fashion

If Givenchy is growling it’s way to fashion, top brand Prada is jumping it’s way as they chose Chimps for their latest style release. Yup, you heard it right, the animals “unleashed” is the hottest trend for the season. Shalla Monroque’s white Prada top with blue printed chimps paired with a green pencil cut skirt turned into a trendy casual outfit with the monkey design. Her elegant look added with jumping chimps make a happy and goofy look to it. I love it! (Prada scores a point for me here. Although I would like to see more fashion accessories on her like chandelier earrings.)

jungle fashion

Even Prada dresses are incorporated with animal designs. Anna Dello Russo’s red hot dress with printed chimps rocked all the way to the Prada fall 2011 show. The red and black dress stripes were not striking enough so the chimps on the side linings made that extra oomph! to her look.

The jungle fever is actually quite refreshing. I was getting tired of those leopard and snakes prints anyway, so Prada and Givenchy’s battle for the best animal collection (despite it’s untamed beasts) is a breath of fresh air!


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Summer is the most exciting time for fashion experimentalists as you can bear all and wear them all. When shoe talk comes around, it gets so difficult to hand pick just the best from the uber hot variety of ladies footwear. Slingback pumps arrived with a bang this summer, creating feet frenzy for women who just can’t get enough of shoes. Here are the shoes that made it to my top 5 hottest slingback pumps that made summer sizzling hot. (Not in particular order because I simply can’t choose which goes to what place; they’re all too cute!)
1. The Christian Louboutin spike slingback pumps in nude made it’s grand debut when Dakota Fanning wore it on the premiere of Twilight and up to now has continually captivated every woman’s desire for the perfect ladies pumps. Everything about this shoe is adorable and irresistible. Spikes usually symbolize punk fashion but this specific spike pumps are nothing more but feminine. The bow center piece, the red sole, the neutral shade of beige and the spikes, all combine to bring a light but elegant footwear.

Slingback pumps

Slingback pumps

2. Louis Vuitton’s graffiti slingback pumps are eye pleasing and feet pleasing for me. The neon pink painted over the black shoe is what makes it stand out from regular pumps. Yes, it’s a bit 80-ish with the color and the whole concept of it but I find it to be new and fresh for the summer. Pair it with hot denim jeans or a soft mini skirt to add flavor to your casual summer outfits and don’t forget to accessorize with Geo contact lenses.

Slingback pumps

3. As hot as a Jalapeno pepper can be said with the Giuseppe Zanotti patent peep toe slingback pumps. The glossy finish to the hot red pumps need no accessorizing, other than a red dress to match it.

Slingback pumps

4.The Prada platform slingback sandals are slingbacks for everyday casual wears. The cork-like platform warms the black sandals making it perfect even for khaki shorts and breezy short sundresses. The heavy looking shoes should be worn with light tops; those are uncomplicated spaghetti tops or cotton tees.

Slingback pumps

5. Dressing up for summer (evening fashion that is), can be tricky as light materials are prioritized. Shakira wore a bronze YSL slingback pump shoes with peep toes for summer and looked absolutely great on it (proof that classy slingbacks do not choose seasons or occasions).

Slingback pumps