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Boho-chic inspired: How To Wear Kitten Heels

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Now you can hang up your high heels and choose kitten heels for the next season. High heels may still be hot but the short heels are having a great comeback. These lovely ladies are absolutely gorgeous. Both of them definitely have a good sense of style. I am 100% sure that they know what they want and they know how to achieve the look that they want to project. Leggings are still good choices for any season. Leggings are always fashionable in any way you wear it. The festive prints on the blouse make the black empire dress so elegant and funky the graphics were good additional details to the Boho inspired look. Gypsy look was popular three seasons ago, but she was able to carry this outfit with confidence without making the blouse look old and outdated. You shall never go wrong with black. Black is simply the way to go when you want to look sharp and elegant in the swiftest way you can.
These two beautiful women can add more vavavoom glamour to their appearance by wearing false eyelashes that can make their eyes appear stronger. Their black outfits draw attention more on the prints rather than the face. False eyelashes can create that instant style and glamour to their eyes. False eyelashes come in the natural look and now there are pieces that come with beads rhinestones and even little feathers. There is not much to say on them. Their sense of style can be addressed as sensible and practical. Their smart choices can be improved by wearing cozy accessories like silver sterling earrings, bracelets and rings. For naturally beautiful women like them, simplicity is beauty.

What To Wear With A Blue Dress

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Short Dresses will always be sexy and she was able to execute sexiness without looking unappropriate. There are now more reasons to wear short dresses. She has the best arms ever. It is so sure that she is able to work her arms well in this kind of sleeveless dress. The deep blue short dress made her taller and sexier. She can enhance her look further by adding more fashionable accessories to this plain outfit. Gloves are very fashionable this winter season. You can go elbow high or any length you can wear. Most women like wearing their shades over their heads which is not really a good idea, it can easily fall off and break your sunglasses. Jersey material clings very well to the body and can create that silhouette that you can be proud of. She can add accessories like necklaces, beads, earrings, or huge bangles. Gold cuffs can really look hot on a deep blue outfit. Wearing black leggings or stockings will not only make the look more defined but can also warm her up on this cold winter season. Most busy women like her prefers wearing their hair in buns or easy to do pony tails. These hairstyles are easy to make and achievable but they give that impression that you just don’t have time to set your hair. If she is like any other girls out there that cannot spend time styling their hair they can choose from hair extensions that can instantly change their looks. If you have been wearing those ponytails for a long time and setting your hair in a bun, it’s about time to wear fashionable accessories like hair extensions that are very easy to use. Clip on hair extensions can create a totally new look without so much time and effort, This lady can wear brunette and ash blonde extensions that can hang over this pretty blue dress, Those extensions will be swaying as she walks and will make people have a second look, without a doubt.