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A confident woman is someone who can wear anything, get away with it and have others wear it as well. While most are getting themselves dolled-up looking like  seductive versions of Barbie, Olivia Palermo shows us how sexy dressing is done in a manly fashion. Ties, blazers, trousers and jackets comprise of her stunning ensemble, now turning out to be her trademark. Here are the top Olivia Palermo fashion favorites that will make you look at masculine dressing a different way.

With black dominating the entire look, the seemingly unimportant details such as her sunglasses, ring and even her red nail polish with its striking color happen to be catching some attention. The enormous and classic flower ring from CC Skye Blossom, complement the red nails perfectly. Olivia’s suited look will not look feminine if not for the laced white top and ankle pants exposing the sexy and slim ankles and not to forget the killer black pumps from YSL. With everything covered up, the trick to looking feminine are the peek-a boo styles mentioned a while; a sneak peek at the ankles and wrists and the use of little feminine accessories such as the ring and sunglasses. Mysterious is sexy as shown by Olivia.

At the Cinema Society’s screening of Two Lovers, she once again chose to wear a black suit  but this time with an added vest and bow tie and loose pants instead of the usual cropped pants. This outfit is a little more tough to pull since it’s almost 100% male! But not surprisingly, this New York socialite knows how to work it. Her bronze clutch, bracelets and large sized rings were the fashion accessories that brought the feminine touch to her heavily over-powered masculine outfit. No do for her hair do, but a simple let down hair made a seductive vamp out of her.

Not to manly, but definitely tough was her look at the Cinema Society screening of Management. The ripped and faded blue jeans was accessorized with trendy boots and a black laced top with bow tie and black cardigan. Unlike her other polished look, this one is a little bit rugged if not for the luxurious accessories. (notice the sleek sexy handbag!)

Question is, are you confident enough to wear this? Can your inner femininity over shadow Olivia Palermo fashion style?


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dress like blair waldorf

Her strong charisma and fashion statements have remarkably been contagious among women of every age. Blair Waldorf from our favorite Gossip Girl is the hottest style icon whose looks are much envied and coveted by all fashionista. All eyes are focused on what the latest Blair Waldorf trend is.

Her style? Preppy and polished; not a hair out of place and not a bag mismatched from her shoes. Her outfits always show luxury and wealth (she’s from the Upper East Side after all). She is noted as the modern day Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O due to her classic and timeless way of dressing.

Have you ever noticed that Blair Waldorf, not even once wore jeans? Ultra feminine indeed! The closest she could get to wearing pants is through those colorful red tights of her; red, yellow as long as they’re bright.

Here are some tips to dress like Blair Waldorf:

Tip no.1: Blair wears a lot of coats. So choose winter coats with unconventional shapes and cuts that still resemble the school girl look. Keep this in mind if you want to look as hot as Blair, despite the cold weather. Coats with knee lengths to reveal those bright tights are also preferred rather than the old fashioned long coats.

Tip no.2: She loves dresses! Everything about her is sexy but not too revealing. So opt for short and tight fitting dresses that would accentuate your shapely body. Add colors, preferably red, as it’s her fave color, but if you like dark dresses then make sure they have feminine details such as laces or bows. And don’t forget to wear them with cardigans like what she always does in gossip girl.

Tip no. 3:  Known for her school-girl preppy look, a pair of Mary Jane’s is definitely a must-have: yellow Mary Jane pumps are great with black tights. If you want to wear flats then classic ballet flats such as the cameo bow pumps are best suited to achieve the famous Blair look.

Tip no.4: Should I even mention hair bands? This is unquestionably the finishing touch to complete your total look. The style is up to you; just keep it feminine, flirty and fun then you’re sure to look like Blair in no time.

Good luck!

Top ten favorite Blair Waldorf hairstyles

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Who hasn’t come to love this semi-villainous heroine known as Blair Waldorf? The most talked about Gossip Girl bad girl definitely has her way of getting people hooked on her. Is it her clothes, her ways or simply that beautiful angelic face? Yes, yes and yes but in addition to that, her hairstyles are major magnet- causing- attention (too much actually). With her hair style, always being loose curls and a hair is never out of place (not like Vanessa’s messy waves), she made use of those accessible headbands and turned into today’s fashion must-haves. The Blair-band as I’d like to call it has since been her signature trademark. Whatever the occasion, an appropriate design is absolutely available. Here are top 10 Blair Waldorf hairstyles, all of which mostly include headbands. Take a look!

Blair Waldorf is all about femininity; laces, bows and anything else that makes you look girly and not to forget polished. With red being her favorite color, this red bow headband used with a simple ponytail is her school look paired with her short skirt and tights that reveals the Upper East Side part of her.

For a glamorous way to wear a hair band, studs and jewels are the way to go as worn by style icon Blair Waldorf. A half pony tail with a puff at the top and a black studded headband together make an elegant look without having to seem too mature. (Looks like a modern day Audrey Hepburn)

Preppy and polished, was how she looked on one of gossip girls’ episodes as her curls where perfectly done from the bangs all the way to the tips. A thick black hair band with a bow embellishment says girly but also womanly. She was also spotted wearing a thin yellow headband that made her look more mature due to the absence of the bow.

Joining the flower power that spring has brought, Leighton Meester a.k.a Blair Waldorf enjoyed her headbands with a pop of colors from pink, green and yellow. An enormous summer bloom complemented her braided hairstyle for the season.

At the recent Proenza Schouler Spring/summer 2011 show, Blaire wore a straight cut hairstyle with no accessories other than her bright red lips.

In New York during her shoot for Gossip Girl, she showed of her spiral curls worn with a grey knit cap and a happy smile.

A blonde Leighton Meester with super curls is quite a change. Pretty but she still looks more stunning as a brunette. After all, she wouldn’t be Blaire Waldorf if it weren’t for those locks.


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Crazy about gossip girl? I know I am! Aside from the thick plots and juicy scenes, gossip girl oozes with fashion from Blake Lively to the highly popular Leighton Meester.  It has definitely captured the hearts of the fab fashionistas who are out there seeking true love, in hopes of meeting their own Prince Louis Grimaldi while keeping those eyes glued on what the latest gossip girl styles are. But we have to say bye-bye for now, as the finale episode has just ended. With this episode revolving around the Constance Billard Alumni event, expect gowns and jewels galore from the stylish stars. So the question is: who won the night? Here’s a short re-cap on what they wore and how they wore it.

Best finale gossip girl looks:

The asymmetrical one-shoulder strap Marchesa dress absolutely brought Georgina Spark’s (Michelle Trachtenberg) innate wickedness. Nothing says “sly” more than snakes, as her neutral shaded dress with black linings are covered with snake prints all over. Rings from Swarovski and Lia Sophia, dangling earrings from sequin, cuffs from Kara Ross and clutch from Carlos Falchi finished-up her “devious” ensemble. But you have to admit, she did look stunning.

Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) wore Jenny Packham. If there’s anyone who brings trendy glamour to the show, she is definitely it. Whether with a swimsuit and a wrap skirt around it, expect nothing but a chic result. The coral wrap gown with sparkly embellishments accentuated her great figure with the dress flowing at the right places. Not an up-do for the hairstyle but a laid-back pony tail twist and earrings from Amrita.

I just love Charlie Rhodes (Kaylee Defer) gold dress from Pamela Dennis! The stunning color and simple tube-cut are perfect combinations. I just wished a necklace was used instead of the earrings from Lia Sophia. The earrings are great, just that the shoulders and neck area would have been better emphasized with a simple neck piece on it. The tiny clutch from Nancy Gonzales blended with the dress so beautifully.

Not surprisingly Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) stole the night. Her elegant black gown from Alexis Mabille and earrings from Sequin are all it took to achieve an uber elegant look without having to look more than her age. The floral details on the shoulders and back are basically the only designs, as the rest of the floor length gown is bare black. Later, a stylish Alberta Feretti coat was worn over the gown.


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Breezy fashion accessories are wide spread for this warm season. But with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding coming this April, it’s unquestioningly fashionable to be wearing these fashion accessories that remind women of royalty. Bundle up those soft fingers for a while just in time for the fall/ winter season to be coming up any time soon. Credible brand Sermoneta gloves that date from the 60’s bring total sophistication and class with every style they release.

The latest fashion accessories from Sermoneta are highlighted with striking colors that provide a lighter effect to its extreme elegance. Deep red, pink, black, lime green, cherry red and blue china are among the sample shades. The addition of stones such as rhinestones, beads, buttons and ribbons add funk to these gloves and is now reaching out to the younger range in fashion. With fur also making way to the style scene, fur at the wrist top of the gloves are designed to make the feminine appeal for this sleek item. Made from Italy and built with materials such as lace and embroidery, cashmere, chamois and skins from goat, deer and even wild boar; true excellence and genius creativity is definitely applied. Angelina Jolie in her film with Johnny Depp which is The Tourist was spotted wearing tan elbow length Sermoneta gloves while wrapped in a neutral shawl and drinking a cup of tea-like real English royalty indeed.

With a known brand like Sermoneta gloves, money is not a waste when purchasing these fashion accessories. Feel the 50’s glam and visit the spirit and beauty of Rome when wearing one of these pieces. With the spring season about to be over soon, invest in stand-out pieces that take fashion on another level; Sermoneta gloves does just that with items that speak for themselves.